Le Concert de Feu

Created in 1996, Le Concert de Feu is the flagship show of Les Commandos Percu.
It has been performed several hundred times on the five continents.

Outdoor or Indoor - Nightime 
Duration : 45 to 60 min (10 to 25 min in the streets / 35 min on stage)
Audience : several thousand people

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Neither a firework display nor a concert, Le Concert de Feu places the element of fire at the centre of artistic expression. Les Commandos Percu have travelled the world and discovered that there is a common rhythmical language through all cultures, a universal music felt in the gut. Driven onward by the drums and the clamour of the audience it becomes a huge fire.

A wave of sparkles spreads amongst the audience.
Fire sharing is one of the great moments of the show. Les Commandos Percu distribute hundreds of magic sparklers to the audience, each one becoming a star. Depending on the project, it is also possible to involve people from the community in this set.

“Let the fire burn, let the bodies dance.”
Dance has always been a core part of Les Commandos Percu’s work. We often invite professional dancers to take part in special versions of Le Concert de Feu.

References : Goyang Lake-Park Art (KOR) / Singapore Arts Festival (SIN) / Toronto Winter City Festival (CAN) / Festival les Années Joué (FR) / Festival les Accroche-Coeurs d'Anger (FR) / Festival Font'Arts à Pernes les Fontaines (FR) / Festival les Virevoltés à Vire (FR) / Chelmsford Festival (UK) / Festival Échappée Belle de Blanquefort (FR) / Festival Sol y Fiesta à Leucate (FR) / Mot Festival (MK) / Festival Les Flambarts à Dreux (FR) / Festival Les Chromatiques à Fos sur Mer (FR) / Fête des Lumières à Lyon (FR) / Festival les Zaccros d'ma Rue à Nevers (FR) / Festival Internacional de Teatro Belo Horizonte (BR) / Féria de Nîmes (FR) / Salisbury International Arts Festival (UK) / Festival les Affranchis à La Flèche (FR) ...

  • Artistic & stage direction : Raymond Gabriel
  • Music - pyrotechnics : Stéphane Augier, Metty Bénistant, Laurent Macaux, William Perez, Ruddy Thery.
  • Lights : Michel Pradillon - Sound : Laurent Boulhabel.
  • Production manager : Vincent Gonzalez
  • Producer : Lisa Trouilhet, Audrey Itier