Outdoor / night shift

Duration : 50 mn with a 15mn parade
Audience : all public, several thousands

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How do we socialise today?
How universal is our contemporary social functioning?
How did the first humans become the social beings we are today?
Language seems to be one of the obvious answers to this question, but where does language begin?
Is it just an arrangement of noises, silences and sounds, intelligible only through learning?
Is music not a more innate, universal language?
Or is it something more primal, almost primitive?
The drum is the most ancestral source of sound, linking worlds and transcending souls with strength and subtlety.
The ground splits, breath becomes scarce, and bodies are entranced...

ORIGINE in the universal language of rhythm and fire, tells the story of imaginary beings who meet, discover each other, and gradually build themselves into a tribe, becoming a society, just as, in the background, we perceive that of all humanity which, under its social, cultural or religious disparities, brings us back to our condition as human beings, these social animals who need each other to exist and form society. In a bold and original production, Les Commandos Percu invite the audience to question the workings of our contemporary society.
For 30 years, the Commandos Percu have been writing their story with
rhythm, movement and fire, using a universal language.
Such are their origins...