By creating our own instruments, we're building a proper identity :

After their first performances more than 25 years ago with no actual musical instruments, Les Commandos Percu wanted to keep their mobility and to create a musical repertory that would not borrow other cultures rhythms. Creating their own folklore, rituals, a language, as if we came from another clime. “If African drums really talk, we will invent our own langage and we will create our own drums”. Titan rectangular gongs, harness with tight skins adapted to mobility, a 2 meters diameter “Big Drum” with its flat resonator and also a 2 strings hited bass guitar : Commandos percu’s instumentarium embezzles materials and grows up over their creations


Their show On the Night Shift presents an original musical composition played on drums specially drawn and created for this show: the SATTELLIDRUM. Les Commandos Percu have been working with Claude Walter from Rythmes et Sons (Strasbourg) for the last 15 years through a permanent partnership, a sound laboratory, in order to develop unique and original musical instruments. Since 2008, Rythmes et Sons’ brochure presents the fruit of this collaboration through a new instrument called “Cool Drum”.  
Listen to the Cool Drums:



                                    Rythmes & Son’s brochure