Les Interventions Mobiles

Unplugged show

Indoor or Outdoor - Day or Nightime
Duration : up to 50 min (25 to 45 min in the streets / 25 min on stage - optional)
Audience : up to 2000 people

** Technical rider to download



Les Interventions Mobiles laid the foundation for the company’s history: being an interventionist band, able to surround the public area no matter what its shape. The choice is clear: they will go closer to their audience, abolish the stage or, more precisely, use the whole space as a space of creation.

Percussion, fire, lights, motion : pure energy 
From direct contact with the public to big parades in the city, the huge sound box drives across the city. This human machine shows off its rhythm and drags the audience along a path punctuated with pyro surprises.
Shouts, drums, sparkles: an exhilarating spiral!
Absolutely unique, rhythms and pyrotechnics arise with incredible strength blowing the audience away.


References : Goyang Lake-park Arts Festival in Goyang (KOR) /  Lightpool in Blackpool (UK) / Inauguration du Musée d’Ethnographie de Genève (CH) / Parc Préhistorique de Tarascon (FR) / Kervénanec : faites le quartier! à Lorient (FR) / Temps fort de l’APSOAR à Annonay (FR) / Château de Saint Priest (FR) / Olympiade des métiers de Clermont-Ferrand (FR) / Le Mans fait son Cirque (FR) / Bodega de Saint Alban (FR) / Ouverture de saison à La Tranche sur Mer (FR) / Les Givrés de la Rue à Orcière (FR) / Boules de Notes aux Ménuires (FR) / Carnaval de Tonneins (FR)...

  • Artistic & stage direction : Raymond Gabriel
  • Music - pyrotechnics : Stéphane Augier, Metty Bénistant, Vincent Gonzalez, Laurent Macaux, William Perez, Ruddy Thery.
  • Production manager : Vincent Gonzalez
  • Producer : Lisa Trouilhet, Audrey Itier