Outdoor - Nightime / Indoor


Duration : 50 mn
Audience : several thousand people


***technical rider to download***

Blast will constitute the third part of a trio that began with "Silence !" and "Mineurs"

A thunderous metallic roar comes from the bowels of the earth. Inside the sweat and the smoke of the the forge, humans hammera pile of metal and drums. This tumultous accumulation remease his wild and brutal force from which springs a primary pulsation. A rythmic and hypnotic machine. It runs through the veins.

The frenzy takes hold of bodies and gives way to a furious trance.

Blast is the story of a world rebuilt.

Cast :

  • Artistic director : Les Commandos Percu
  • Music – pyrotechnics : Stéphane Augier, Metty Bénistant, Laurent Macaux, William Perez, Ruddy Thery
  • Lights : Manfred Armand
  • Sound : Laurent Boulhabel
  • Production manager : Vincent Gonzalez
  • Producer : Audrey Itier

Blast is a production Big Drum.

Supported by : Sonambule - Gignac, Le Rio Grande - Scène de Musiques Actuelle de Montauban, Le Florida - Agen, Lo Bolegason - Castres, la ville de Toulouse, le département de la Haute-Garonne, la région Occitanie, Rythme & Sons.