Bombs per Minute

Outdoor - Nightime
Duration : 35 min on stage
Audience : several thousand people

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BPM Bombs per Minute

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Is destruction a creation? As an answer to the violence of the world, ‘Bombs per Minute’ attempts to drown the audience in noise and rage with the intention of reaching peace and silence in the end. A delightful show, a great moment of crushing pyrotechnics.

 A clock ticks. Bells toll. Fireworks erupt into the night sky in a continuous, hypnotic flow. The tempo quickens and a torrent of light and sound is unleashed - a furious and beautiful explosion of energy that sets your pulse racing. As well as being a jaw-dropping display of pyrotechnic skill, this beautiful choreographed show questions the relationship between violence and creation, and asks us where can we look to find peace in an increasingly angry world.

An apocalyptic opening scene :
The first part of the show starts with a visual and sonorous countdown: the fireworks clock. The audience feels as if the show has always been there. With a ticking rhythm, the pyrotechnic effects rise into the sky in a continuous and hypnotic flow. Hypnotic bells build the pressure. The tempo goes up minute by minute and leads to an apocalyptic opening scene.

The music pulsates a communicative heat :
The second part of the show consists of a series of short but effective scenes in which the four percussionists turn fire into rhythm and vice versa. They answer to the crackers (the soloist fire), they make bursting bangs with the rhythm of sticks, a wha wha pedal of fire plays with crackling sparks, cymbals explode in the musicians/vulcanologists’ faces. Violence is only an appearance. The music beats an infectious heat.

The final part confirms that all the fury is a cathartic moment full of exultation. All this is just a game, the cry of children making fun of an angry game. After the breaking of sounds and blinding lights, a strange calm befalls.


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  • Artistic & stage direction : Raymond Gabriel
  • Music - pyrotechnics : Stéphane Augier, Metty Bénistant, Bernard Graell, William Perez, Ruddy Thery.
  • Lights : Michel Pradillon - Sound : François Hourtané.
  • Production manager : Vincent Gonzalez
  • Project management and communication : Lisa Trouilhet

Très Méchant(s) est une coproduction : Big Drum - L'Abattoir, Centre TransNational des Arts de la Rue - Ville de Chalon sur Saône - Compagnie des Bains Douches.